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Know How to Win ... Step-by-Step!

I've been a case-winning attorney for 31 years.

My course shows you how to win step-by-step.

State or federal, civil or criminal ... any case.

Forms, tactics, research, and legal references.

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Know how to win pro se!

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This is the #1 step-by-step legal self-help course in the world ... on the web since 1997!

Receive honorary law degree from American Justice Foundation® when you pass our Final Exam with a "B" grade or better.

What is Jurisdictionary?

Jurisdictionary® is a step-by-step course that shows you how to win.

Whether you're facing a legal battle or just curious.

You'll learn about pleadings, motions, evidence, and even appeals!

The course is designed for non-lawyers who can't afford a lawyer.

The name of the course is "How to Win in Court".

Call Toll Free: 866-LAW-EASY ( 866-529-3279 )

Learn with Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone

Includes Sample Forms, Legal Research, and Case-Winning Procedures