The Language of Law

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Legalese, Lawsuits, and Liberty

The word “law” evokes fear for some, comfort to others and, too often, dangerous disagreement. Law touches and controls every aspect of our lives, yet only a few judges, lawyers, and law professors know anything at all about the mysteries of its language or the source of the fundamental precepts on which all “legitimate law” is established.

In this troubled world agreement is what we need most, for in agreement we can find the force of unity required to stand against the threats of those who do not understand us. To prevail in this global battle of ideas, we need a clearer understanding of the language of our law, for it is this “legal language” and its principles that unite us as freedom-loving people resolved to stand as one, a nation dedicated to preserve those principles for all!

Learn the language of law and discover the self-evident truths upon which we can all agree. Communicate this agreement with others, standing together on the principles that prepare us to prevail in the battle for peace. Threat of war vanishes where people find agreement through effective communication. Misunderstanding is the fuel of controversy and violence.

In the language of our legal system you’ll find self-evident truths beyond debate, principles so clearly favorable to peace and prosperity that all reasonable persons must agree ... principles you can use to win your case.

Where are recent changes in our legal language taking us today? What can we do together to make the journey safer? How can we promote agreement and prevent the perilous quarrels it arouses?

This tutorial offers positive answers for a nation in peril.