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Used your tutorials to take on Capital One Bank and win! The Courthouse was buzzing for days!
C. Kirkpatrick

Jurisdictionary helped me defeat 4 attorneys from 2 large law firms.
T. Karantsalis

I am very impressed with how it simplifies matters yet explains thoroughly.
J.D. Wheeler

What is most compelling is how simple it is!
Douglas W.

Readable, flowing, and sometimes breathless.
Times Union, Albany, NY

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Teaching Children the Rules

    Justice doesn't grow on trees nor does it fall out of the friendly skies.
    Justice is the product of orderly human action controlled by a set of rules.
    Justice results from our willingness to abide by rules. It cannot exist where there are no rules nor where rules are harsh, hidden from the people, or designed to favor only a privileged few. Justice begins with the rules that make justice possible.
Teach Your Children    Without rules there can be no justice, and without justice there can be no liberty.
    Preservation of liberty depends on widespread knowledge of fundamental rules.
    Too few of us know even the basics. We are too busy learning other things. We don’t take time to learn the most important things. We put a priority on making money, acquiring marketable skills, developing leadership capabilities. We don’t have time for the rules of justice that make liberty possible.
    Many today believe we are beginning to lose our liberties as a direct result.
    Why are we not taught the rules of justice as children?
    Take maxims of law, for example. Here we learn fundamental rules that control governments. It is from maxims that constitutions are built, including the Constitution of the United States and each of our states’ constitutions, fundamentals of law that apply in every generation to insure justice and protect liberty, principles by which we judge our government’s action to determine if it is just or not. It is in maxims we learn self-evident truth, the rock-solid foundation on which all legitimate systems of law are erected.
    Yet, maxims are largely unknown in this present generation!
    Consider the principles of due process, what some people call the law of fairness. The principles of due process have been so abused by ignorance these past 30 years that it’s commonplace for their protections to be violated. Governments are unrestrained where the principles of due process are forgotten or purposely hidden from the people.
    What of the rule of law? Here is the bedrock of principle over which WWII was fought. The rule of law is the foundation of America’s hope, yet it’s become little more than a catch phrase bandied about by today’s politicians and media pundits who offer no explanation whatsoever. How are children going to learn to honor law when they aren’t being told about the rule of law or the rules of court by which alone they can protect themselves and their posterity from tyrannical abuse?
    Other principles that could easily be taught to children include the rules by which evidence is either admitted as reliable or excluded as questionable, rules of procedure by which court decisions are made, rules of administration by which power is kept in check.. All of these could be introduced in grade school and expanded upon as children mature through secondary school where principles of our American legal heritage can be (and should be) taught to every single child.
    None of these rules and principles is politically biased. None is governed by any religious sect or denomination. None is the product of any private organization. Each was well known before this present generation was born, but they are forgotten today (and we are seeing in our daily news the widespread consequence of their being ignored).
    Isn’t it time an organization of concerned citizens cared more for the welfare of their children and the peaceful prosperity of future generations than for the other myriad concerns that compete for public support?
    Isn’t liberty worth more of our effort to preserve?
    Help us teach the rules of justice to your children.
    Lift the Lamp Higher!

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I ordered your materials on May 31st, and by June 28th the lawsuit against me was "Dismissed with Prejudice." Many thanks as I was clueless until I reviewed your videos and files.

Jurisdictionary works!
Won against a powerful attorney. Even the other attorneys in the gallery were talking about it.
K. Anderson

The CDs are great!
R. Bonderman

Any pro-se litigant simply NEEDS this information ...
... all of it!
M. Bock

Won 4 motions in court yesterday. Wish I’d had your tutorials a year ago!
Linda T.

I am so glad I read your teaching on the complaint before I filed it. One of the defendants wanted to settle immediately.
L. Shelby

Thanks for your tutorial "Evidence Made Easy". The way you explain the rules is so effective that we pro se plaintiffs have confidence in our fight for what's right.
Arcenio A.

A simplified course in the basics.
Fort Lauderdale.

Jurisdictionary increased my understanding several hundredfold.
V. Wright

A guide to the rules attorneys follow in civil lawsuits.
The Charlotte Observer

Joe & Cheryl B.




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