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I am so glad I read your teaching on the complaint before I filed it. One of the defendants wanted to settle immediately.
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Thanks for your tutorial "Evidence Made Easy". The way you explain the rules is so effective that we pro se plaintiffs have confidence in our fight for what's right.
Arcenio A.

A simplified course in the basics.
Fort Lauderdale.

Jurisdictionary increased my understanding several hundredfold.
V. Wright

A guide to the rules attorneys follow in civil lawsuits.
The Charlotte Observer

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The Rule of Law

Learn how to use the Rule of Law to win lawsuits with our affordable, step-by-step, case-winning tutorials and e-seminars.

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    The Nuremberg trials that followed World War II to prosecute Nazi war criminals emphasized a principle that needs to be better understood by all of us.
    The Rule of Law.
    Never has it been more important for the world to understand this fundamental concept that gives life to liberty and hope to the world's citizens.
    We need to understand what the Rule of Law is and how to preserve it for the good of our children and the future of all humanity ... for upon the Rule of Law hang all our hopes for equal access to justice and preservation of human liberty.
    U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said at a conference in Florida a few years ago that our Constitution and the Rule of Law it was designed to secure mean nothing without the Rules of Court by which alone the principles of justice and liberty for all can be enforced!
    Think about that fact for just a moment. 
Gvrnment.wmf (41150 bytes)     Without Courts to enforce the Rule of Law, the U.S. Constitution is a meaningless document having no power of its own whatsoever!
    The Rules of Court alone enforce the Rule of Law.
    There is no other way to look at it!
    Nothing is more important to understanding the Rule of Law than knowing the Rules of Court ... the principles of due process without which the Rule of Law is an empty promise ... the Rules of Court by which alone we can preserve and enforce the Rule of Law for future generations! Order my low-cost tutorials (click any link at left) and learn how easy it is to understand the Rule of Law and use the Rules of Court that protect it.
    You hear the Rule of Law mentioned in editorials or in the commentary of newscasters, but who explains what it is? You may have heard it said of America, "Ours is a nation of laws. We are ruled by laws, not men," but what does this mean?
    What is the Rule of Law?
    Before America was born, men and women were ruled by kings who claimed a divine right to rule, kings who changed laws to suit their own personal whim. This was considered intolerable by our founding fathers who dreamed of a nation established on the rule of duly enacted laws ... not the conceited edicts of arrogant tyrants.
    Humanity lived under the iron rule of one form of king or another for thousands of years until that fateful day in Philadelphia, when wise, courageous leaders gathered on the Fourth of July 1776 to institute a new form of government whereby the people would rule themselves under law ... according to the principles of due process embodied in our Rules of Court that protect every person who knows the Rules. The dream of America was that we would live in a land of liberty and justice for all (based on the Rule of Law). The promise was that no longer would kings and tyrants rule us. We would rule ourselves, according to the Rule of Law and the principles of due process ... government of the People, by the People, and for the People! (However, only those who know how to use the Rules of Court to obtain due process at the hands of government are truly protected by the Rule of Law. The ignorant remain enslaved to those who know how to use the Rules. That's why this site is here.)
    The Rule of Law and due process were married when America was born. This is our legal heritage.
    Not without many problems was America born. Not without mistakes. Not without errors of the most horrible kind ... because people do not know the Rules of Court or the principles of due process, and our government has not yet seen the need to teach us in our public schools while we are still children. That's why Jurisdictionary® was created to teach the world America's Rules of Court so people everywhere can be truly free ... enforcing the Rule of Law by using the Rules of Court to secure due process for one and all. By understanding the rules by which we are governed, we can avoid the horrible problems that plagued us these past two centuries. By applying the principles of due process we can stop the seething discontent that continues to afflict us with so many social problems today.
    America was born with seeds of success in her dedication to the Rule of Law and principles of due process. In 1776 there appeared on the face of this war-worn planet a new hope.
    Hope for peace.
    Hope for justice.
    Hope for a day when right will always conquer might.
    Hope for a day when truth will always overcome deceit.
    Hope for a day when love will truly be the highest law of our land.
    The Rule of Law lives in the hearts of free people everywhere. We all know deep inside that each of us is entitled to be treated equally by government, that no men or set of men should be given special favors or powers to rule us outside the written law ... yet only a few know the Rules of Court so they can be protected from the law of force by the law that's written ... and nothing is said about it in our public schools!
    Why, then, is there so much talk about the Rule of Law and so little effort to teach people the Rules of Court?
    The Rule of Law asserts that men should not be trusted to govern others unless their rule is just, tempered by fixed laws to prevent tyranny, laws that stop individuals from accumulating wealth by force, laws that keep those in high office from exercising power over the populace without restraint, laws that deny the majority power to act without due regard for the rights and well-being of individuals who are a minority, laws that prevent the powerful from plundering the weak.
    The Rule of Law decrees that Law shall govern us according to the will of the People and not by the will of ambitious men and women in high places.
    The Rule of Law is what our heroes died for in past wars for liberty.
    The Rule of Law is worthy of our highest aspirations and dedicated efforts as a united people.
    Yet, without more widespread understanding of the Rules of Court by which alone we can enforce the Rule of Law, these high-sounding ideals are meaningless. The Rule of Law is threatened today by seemingly innocent schemes of powerful people who seek to undermine the principles of due process for the sake of a global economy and its all-powerful government that will decree what law is and enforce its edicts with unbridled force. By learning the Rules of Court and using that knowledge to enforce the Rule of Law, you are making the world safer for future generations.
    Remember: you cannot have one without the other.
    This principle that laws should govern instead of men -- laws of our own making and not the cruel edicts of tyrant dictators or divine right decrees of kings -- is the bedrock of human justice, the philosophical cornerstone of these United States, and the foundation of hope for all mankind.
    Hold fast together. Learn the Rules.
    Study our Jurisdictionary® tutorials. 
    Teach yourself and your children how to secure justice for ALL

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